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Fast Food Influence on our Health


We all enjoy eating fast food as it is tasty and easy to get. People these days are so busy and hardly consider to eat healthily. Having a busy schedule people try to eat whatever food they get to satisfy their hunger and taste buds. Most of the population opt to eat outside and don’t eat healthily. Fast food on the other side is tastier and easily available, so people eat it and end up with severe health problems.

Fast Food

The following are the effects of eating fast foods on your body:

  • Digestive and cardiovascular systems.
  • Sugar and fat.
  • Respiratory system.
  • Central Nervous System.
  • Reproductive System.
  • Integumentary System.

Digestive and cardiovascular systems:

Fiber content food is easily digestible, But the fast food which we eat usually contain sugar, fat and carbohydrate. When the digestive system break downs this food, the carbs are converted into glucose and sent to the cells for energy generation. The excess glucose gets stored as fat in the body which gives us a fatigue feeling. The soft drinks can harm the digestive tract of your body and cause gastritis.

Sugar and fat:

Almost all the fast food contains Sugar and fat content in it. Our body needs only a limited amount of glucose when we consume extra the glucose gets converted into fat. Excessive fat content in our body can cause various health problems. There are different types of fat. Our body does require some amount of fat but certainly not the trans-fat usually found in the bakery items like pastries, cookies, pizza dough, etc. The increase in trans- fat in your body can cause cholesterol and diabetes.

Respiratory system:

The excessive fat in the fast food can make you gain weight and cause obesity. When you become obese your breathing ability decreases, and you find it harder to walk for long distance and always feel fatigued.  With the increase in weight, there is shortness of breath, and you get many respiratory issues.

 Central Nervous System:

Eating fast food can also affect your central nervous system. While eating a tasty fast food snack, you might momentarily feel satisfied, but in the long term, you tend to become more depressed as your body dulls down. Studies have shown that people who eat healthier are found to be happier than people with poor eating habits.

Reproductive System:

Fast food can also affect your reproductive system. Some of the chemicals used in the fast food can affect your hormones and cause difficulty during child birth.

 Integumentary System:

The Integumentary System include the skin, hair and nails. Eating oily food can result in acne on your skin. Carbohydrate rich rood cause acne to appear on your face. A healthy diet makes your skin for glowing. Many worries about losing their hair at a very early age, the primary cause for this might be their eating habits. Only when you eat healthily, you can have healthy hair growth. The same thing applies to your nails; then you might end up having weak nails which could break very often.

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