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Potatoes are Good for Diabetes

Introduction: Potatoes are something which is available to us for a very long time. We cook them differently and eat them. We also add them to other food, and it is the main dish in most of our life. But…

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Major Health Problem in the USA

Introduction: With the change in our lifestyle, our health conditions also changed. Even with the improved medical system, there are so many health issues we face because of our way of life. The following are some of the major health…

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Indian Ayurveda Treatment

Introduction: The Ayurveda treatment is the medical care used way back in the olden days in India. People still follow and use the Indian Ayurveda treatment to get cured as opposed to the western medicine. People believe that Indian Ayurveda…

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Fast Food Influence on our Health

Introduction: We all enjoy eating fast food as it is tasty and easy to get. People these days are so busy and hardly consider to eat healthily. Having a busy schedule people try to eat whatever food they get to…

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